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Pokémon Legends: Arceus leaks reveal 25 new moves



Pokémon Legends: Arceus is taking the Pokémon franchise in a new direction. But that doesn’t mean players can’t get excited about the simple addition of several new moves. 

As leaked copies of the game continue to circulate and data miners reveal more information about its new features, it appears that a total of 25 new moves have been discovered—with many of them being tied to some of the new Pokémon making their first appearance in Arceus. 

Scyther’s new evolution Kleavor, for example, will have its signature move Stone Axe, while it appears Qwilfish’s evolution Overqwil will know Barb Barrage. None of this information can be confirmed until the game is officially released, however.

Some moves like Stealth Rock have even been reworked to better fit Arceus’ battle system, going from dealing damage on switch in to becoming a field effect called jagged splinters, which can be set by multiple moves and deals damage each turn. This, along with new status conditions like Drowsy and Frostbite, has a lot of potential to change Pokémon battles at their core. 

And while we won’t have confirmation on these details until Jan. 28, here are the leaked names and descriptions for the new moves. 

  • Dire Claw
    • The user lashes out at the target with ruinous claws, aiming to land a critical hit. This may also leave the target poisoned, paralyzed, or drowsy.
  • Psyshield Bash
    • Cloaking itself in psychic energy, the user slams into the target. This may also raise the user’s defensive stats.
  • Power Shift
    • The user swaps its offensive and defensive stats.
  • Stone Axe
    • The user swings its stone axes at the target, aiming to land a critical hit. Stone splinters left behind by this attack continue to damage the target for several turns.
  • Springtide Storm
    • The user attacks by wrapping the target in fierce winds brimming with love and hate. This move’s additional effects depend on the user’s form.
  • Mystical Power
    • The user strengthens itself with a mysterious power. If it excels in offense, its offensive stats are raised. If it excels in defense, its defensive stats are raised.
  • Raging Fury
    • The user rampages and spews vicious flames to inflict damage on the target, then becomes fixated on using this move.
  • Wave Crash
    • The user shrouds itself in water and slams into the target with its whole body to inflict damage. This also damages the user and raises the user’s action speed.
  • Chloroblast
    • The user launches its amassed chlorophyll to inflict damage on the target. This also damages the user and lowers the user’s action speed.
  • Mountain Gale
    • The user hurls giant chunks of ice at the target to inflict damage.
  • Victory Dance
    • The user performs a dance to usher in victory. This raises the user’s offensive and defensive stats and increases the damage dealt by the user’s moves by 50 percent.
  • Headlong Rush
    • The user smashes into the target in a full-body tackle. This also lowers the user’s defensive stats.
  • Barb Barrage
    • The user launches countless toxic barbs to inflict damage. This may also poison the target. This move’s power is doubled if the target has a status condition.
  • Esper Wing
    • The user slashes the target with aura-enriched wings. This also raises the user’s action speed. This move has a heightened chance of landing a critical hit.
  • Bitter Malice
    • The user attacks its target with spine-chilling resentment. This may also leave the target with frostbite. This move’s power is doubled if the target has a status condition.
  • Shelter
    • The user makes its skin as hard as an iron shield, raising its defensive stats. Incoming moves also become more likely to miss.
  • Triple Arrows
    • The user delivers an axe kick, then fires three arrows. This raises the chance of its future attacks landing critical hits and also lowers the target’s defensive stats.
  • Infernal Parade
    • The user attacks with myriad fireballs. This may also leave the target with a burn. This move’s power is doubled if the target has a status condition.
  • Ceaseless Edge
    • The user slashes its shell blade at the target, aiming to land a critical hit. Shell splinters left behind by this attack will continue to damage the target for several turns.
  • Bleakwind Storm
    • The user attacks with savagely cold winds that cause both body and spirit to tremble. This may also leave the target with frostbite.
  • Wildbolt Storm
  • Sandsear Storm
    • The user attacks by wrapping the target in fierce winds and searingly hot sand. This also leaves the target with a burn.
  • Lunar Blessing
    • The user heals its own status conditions and restores its HP. Incoming moves also become more likely to miss.
  • Take Heart
    • The user lifts its spirits, healing its own status conditions and raising its offensive and defensive stats.

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PS Plus Games For December Announced



The PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) games for December 2022 have been announced, and it’s a nice mix of offerings that include action and role-playing games. Mass Effect: Legendary, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout: Founder’s edition.

The Mass Effect titles are some of the most beloved in video history, Biomutant is a great RPG alternative set in a post-apocalyptic world, and Divine Knockout is an entirely new title that’s being launched through the PS Plus service.


Image Credit | EA Games

1. Mass Effect: Legendary

The original Mass Effect trilogy is considered one of the greatest trilogies in the seventh generation of video games, and the Mass Effect: Legendary edition repackages all of them in one title.

This role-playing game (RPG) follows the sci-fi adventures of Commander Shepard and his band of misfits on immersive intergalactic missions. The games are still widely loved, and they’ve never looked better than in the Mass Effect: Legendary version.

The narrative revolves around a distant future where planets and civilizations have been colonized using an ancient technology. There’s also a sense of mystery that governs the title with this ancient civilization looking to make a return. Most of the sci-fi tropes that have come to define the genre are included here, and this is enhanced by memorable characters, action-packed missions, and some devastating consequences.

To most video game enthusiasts, Mass Effect remains Bioware’s greatest accomplishment and a high-point for epic sci-fi video games. Over 100 hours can be spent learning about this fictional world, and the side missions are also considered some of the best video games have ever offered. The game will only be available to PlayStation 4 users.

2. Biomutant

Biomutant is another RPG title. This game is set in an open post-apocalyptic world, and follows a kung-fu centric world from the perspective of a mammalian warrior. The archetypal ‘Tree of Life’ observed in many mythologies and religions is the source from which the world and narrative are constructed. Like the Mass Effect series, players can design their own character.

The game is known for its fascinating combat system, which includes melee and long-range shooting attacks. Another interesting aspect of this game is the weapon-building system, and the range of abilities offered to the player.

There are lots of interesting side-quests, and like Mass Effect, the game has a karma system – the story will develop according to the previous actions undertaken by the player. If Mass Effect feels a bit too familiar, Biomutant is a great quirky alternative. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.


Image Credit | THQ Nordic

3. Divine Knockout

Divine Knockout is a PS Plus launch title, and offers something entirely unique. Divine Knockout works as a third-person side scroller, platformer, and fighter game. Players can put themselves into the shoes of mythological figures like Thor, Susano, King Arthur, and Hercules to jump, smash, and dash their way to glory.

Fans of mythology will have a feast with this – it’s not often that fans of mythology get to see all their favorite figures from these timeless stories interact with one another. The god-like figures have adorable designs, which adds to its appeal. The game also serves as a great way for kids to get into mythology.

The game is full of color, and has great replay value. Players can play 1v1, 2v2, or multiplayer mode. This game will suit players of all ages, and has the makings of a cult classic. This game is also available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

PS Plus Titles From The Previous Month Will Be Available Till December 5

The December selection will be made available to PS Plus subscribers from December 6 to January 2. Users looking to download the PS Plus games for November can do the same until December 5, after which the games will be unavailable.

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CDL announces broadcast information, and YouTube is conspicuously missing



No longer will you watch Call of Duty League on YouTube. You’ll have to find it elsewhere, as the streaming platform isn’t listed among the accessible websites for the upcoming 2023 season.

The CDL starts on Dec. 2, with Boston Breach against Atlanta FaZe, but fans won’t have the luxury of instantly clicking onto YouTube to get their CoD fix for the evening. Call of Duty posted a Tweet regarding the commencement of the league; however, fans noticed a key streaming player missing from the accessible streams.

For this season of the CDL, fans can head to either Twitch or the Call of Duty website to watch all the CoD they could dream of. 

The tweet said “The season starts tomorrow, here’s where to watch,” leaving its usual streaming service of the last few years out of the mix. Interestingly, no broadcast rights have been announced for the CDL this year as of yet.

YouTube’s partnership with Activision Blizzard to broadcast the company’s two major esports leagues came to an end after their three-year deal finished earlier this year. The deal commenced in 2020 with the beginning of the Overwatch League’s third season, leaving years of Call of Duty on YouTube alongside it for the next couple of years.

The league’s deal with YouTube was worth $160 million, but there’s now concern over Twitch and YouTube’s willingness to place money in a title with “less-than-stellar viewership statistics.”

Either way, the CDL will be available to stream on Twitch as soon as it commences, so gear up and prepare for the season ahead.

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US Army planned on targeting Twitch viewers for recruitment through Call of Duty



The U.S. Army uses billions of dollars to bolster its already massive military, also spending on advertising and sponsorship in gaming in the effort to bring more soldiers into the fold. Sponsoring events like ESL’s CS:GO tournaments doesn’t seem to be the last step for the U.S. military in the gaming sphere, however, as streamers were the next choice for the front line of the army’s advertising. 

According to Vice, “internal Army documents” shared by Motherboard disclose that the U.S. military planned on sponsoring Call of Duty events, but after recent sexual harassment allegations within Activision, they decided against the sponsorships.

The documents shared the military’s target audience, with a primary “focus on the growth target of females, Black & Hispanics” and people aged 18 to 24.

$3.8 million was spread across several different organizations, with WWE, Twitch, the Call of Duty League, and the Paramount Plus Halo television series acquiring large portions of the funds provided.

Image via Vice

IGN was at the upper end of the allocated funds, with $600,000 being dedicated to the gaming news publication. 

OpTic Chicago and Texas were also on the list of names associated with the funding. A total of $600,000 was allocated from Dec. 1, 2021, to Nov. 30, 2022 for Chicago, and from February to late September 2022 for Texas. 

Stonemountain64, a Warzone 2 streamer with 2.32 million subscribers on YouTube, was allocated $150,000. Other streamers like Swagg and Alex Zedra were also mentioned in the documents. Next to Zedra and Swagg’s names was an asterisk, highlighting that their allocated funds were “based on conversations” with the streamers. 

While this amount of funding seems like a large sum of money, it’s merely a $3 million drop in the $773 billion U.S. defense budget for 2022.

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