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Gaming Innovation Group signs platform deal with Strike Games – European Gaming Industry News




The excitement created by the World Cup is such that it doesn’t just mean huge potential gains for sportsbooks – there is also massive casino cross-sell opportunities to be had.

European Gaming spoke to Alex Bolton, Casino Manager at Mobinc, about the initiatives the company is taking to maximise this potential as the tournament gets into full swing.


How big an opportunity is increased sportsbook traffic to operators when it comes to their casino sites?

Sportsbook is just one of the pillars accredited to the success of casinos and there’s plenty more to offer players. That said, the demographic it captures is far more distinct compared to those seen in more traditional gambling models, because in most cases the customer’s enjoyment of watching live sporting events often precedes their interest in betting.

As a result, the opportunity to acquire this particular type of customer is not one that casinos should overlook. A winter World Cup represents a great opportunity for all operators who should expect a rise in engagement with the number of sports fans eager to get involved. The festive season always sees a jump in casino activity, so the synergy we can expect from a corresponding World Cup is incredibly promising. Those who are well prepared can also maximise their revenue by supplying entertainment during the event’s downtime and off-peak matches.


How do they attract sportsbook customers to play casino games if they have not done before?

There are several methods for casinos to cross-sell traditional slots to customers that have been acquired by their sportsbook. One of the more popular methods is to run slot-focused promotions on the sportsbook, which gives players the chance to win rewards that are themed around live dealer titles or slots. The key is to showcase the value and experience of these products without customers having to risk their own money.

Moreover, you can cherry-pick a range of particular products to cross-sell to sports bettors, this can certainly enhance their user experience, whilst increasing the overall retention rates. By picking the correct products operators can deliver the optimum betting experience that sports-bettors seek, allowing them to dip in and out while also enjoying the matches.


What sort of promotions have you got planned and how will players and providers benefit?

We have several promotions lined up which will be running over the course of the World Cup and we cannot wait to unveil them to our customers, including free spins, deposit bonuses and vouchers redeemable for World Cup matches. The event is guaranteed to be a spectacle and with it occurring once every four years we hope our themed initiatives will be enjoyed by players.

Additionally, with some targeted cross-selling we expect our partner providers will also enjoy a piece of the action in what’s guaranteed to be a very busy time for the industry. With the World Cup just around the corner, we’re eager to get started.


Are there regional variations at work here and how do you tailor your offering to specific markets or in countries with teams participating in the World Cup?

We’re delighted to see Canada and Japan qualify for the World Cup; two of the biggest markets we operate in. What makes this more exciting is the fact that this will be Canada’s first-ever appearance in the iconic tournament, allowing us to tap into a brand-new demographic.

Through strategic positioning, we’re aiming to significantly enhance the experience for our Canadian customers as they follow their nation during its exciting World Cup debut. Meanwhile, with Japan being a more experienced participant, their involvement captures a recurring demographic of football fans and we’re primed to take advantage of this.


How can casinos convert newly arrived customers on a longer-term basis?

In an extremely competitive environment, to secure long-term conversion operators must provide the best casino experience possible. The quality and quantity of websites facilitating gambling in the current market are incredible, and when the bar is this high there is simply no room for complacency.

The market is also in a constant cycle of change with regulatory and market developments happening all the time. With this in mind, it’s vital for operators to be on the front foot so that they can ensure they’re catering to these changes, whilst simultaneously delivering an exceptional customer experience.

During massive events such as the World Cup, when community spirit is high, word of mouth can do wonders to get new players on board. Ensuring these converted customers stick around as the event comes to an end is the next challenge for operators, but a fluid gaming experience is essential, as are the RNG and live dealer content that complement the sports betting experience.

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Gaming Corps Announces Approval for Netherlands Launch – European Gaming Industry News




Following a thorough executive search process, the Commissioners of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) have appointed Andrew  Gellatly to the position of executive director of the regulator.

Andrew brings to Alderney his expansive global network and more than 25 years of experience in the online gambling industry. He has an extensive professional background in journalism, consulting and research.

Lord Faulkner of Worcester, chair of the AGCC, said: “Andrew has established himself as a trusted voice in the global gambling industry. His career has been built on independence,

impartiality, and a deep knowledge of the sector.

“We look forward to Andrew representing the AGCC on the global stage, developing our strategy and ensuring our regulatory approach continues to meet the needs of licensees and operators.”

Andrew founded both iGaming Business and VIXIO GamblingCompliance, the leading knowledge portals in the industry, and is a former Financial Times reporter on sport and gambling. He has led research on regulatory policy for governments, regulators, advisors and operators worldwide.

Andrew Gellatly said: “As the global online gambling market becomes more diversified and complex, there could be no better time for me to join the Alderney Gambling Control


“Newly opening markets from Canada to Latin America are creating unprecedented opportunities for global facing businesses, with new products and new delivery channels. I will be extending Alderney’s already established international profile as a collaborative, trusted and supportive regulator working with the highest quality brands and companies.”

Andrew will be only the third executive director in the history of the Commission and will replace outgoing executive director Jorn Starck, who first joined the AGCC in 2007, and has

led the regulator since 2015.


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IESF World Championship 2022 CS:GO Playoffs



We are entering the final stretch of the IESF CS:GO World Championship happening in Bali this week. Eight teams are entering Playoffs with $100k on the line.

After accumulating over 88 viewers in the 2021 edition of this global event, IESF will definitely look to boost those numbers as more competitive teams have been invited to the qualifiers. If you are interested in this event and want to place a wager or two, we will hook you up with all the necessary information regarding this tournament so do not miss out.


IESF World Championship 2022 Format & Teams

There is little to say about the IESF World Championship 2022 format. After the offline qualifier, we will see a total of eight teams battle it out across an upper and lower bracket(double-elimination format).

Basically, participating teams can only lose one match in the event. Everyone starts in the upper bracket and the losers move down to the lower bracket of the tournament. Whoever loses the match in the lower bracket is eliminated from the event. Every match, except the grand final, is played in the best of three format. As for the grand final, we are going to see a best of five format used. It is also important to mention that the team that reaches the grand final from the upper bracket will have an automatic 1-0 lead in maps.

Past IESF events did not bring much in terms of prize money. However, this edition of the IESF World Championship saw a lot of changes and now, eight teams will compete for their share of $100,000 in prize money. Even though this is not a spectacular number either, it is okay for the low level of competition this event brings.

It is also important for you to know that there are only three spots that will claim their share of prize money, and it looks like this:

  • 1st – $50,000
  • 2nd – $30,000
  • 3rd – $20,000

As we mentioned above, the offline qualifiers just finished. There are three places up for grabs with 31 teams participating. Here’s the eight rosters that booked their spot for IESF World Championship 2022 Playoffs:

  • Team Indonesia – Host country
  • North Macedonia – qualified via European Championship
  • Argentina – qualified via IESF Panam Open
  • Vietnam – qualified via Asian Championship
  • Algeria – qualified via African Championship
  • Mongolia – qualified via Groups
  • Germany – qualified via Groups
  • Team IESF (Russia) – qualified via Groups
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Smart bets For IESF World Championship 2022

Now that you learned all there is about the structure and teams that qualified for this event, it is time to talk about who the smart money is on in this event. The fact is, there are a lot of unknown teams competing here and the possibility to make money from CSGO betting on this championship is high.

Two teams are hard favorites to win this event.

North Macedonia – given the fact that this line-up is basically BLUEJAYS roster, we are expecting big things from dan1 and his squad. It is also important to mention that these guys are defending the IESF World Championship title that they won back in 2021. We are positive that they have what it takes to go all the way yet again as we do not see Vietnam, Algeria, or Indonesia having a chance against North Macedonia in this one.

Germany – This is no one else but BIG fielding their academy roster and we already know that they are very capable. All in all, pay attention to team Germany as they are also among the favorites to lift the trophy.

The Playoffs duels are yet to be decided.

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Jankos lists 3 LEC teams who will almost certainly reign supreme next season



In the eyes of Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, three teams will be strongest in the coming 2022 LEC season.

In a recent stream, the jungler listed three teams he considers the most formidable contenders for the European throne next year. This was excluding Heretics, for whom Jankos will reportedly play in 2023. G2 Esports, KOI, and Team Vitality will be the teams to watch next season according to the Polish jungler.

“No particular order… G2, technically should be KOI, and maybe Vitality,” Jankos said.

When it comes to the last of the three teams, the Pole explained that it depends on “how they match as a team,” considering they have multiple nationalities in their squad, which could shake up communication.

As of now, none of the mentioned teams have confirmed their rosters for the upcoming seasons, but there are plenty of rumors regarding them. G2 is reportedly bringing in Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle alongside Martin “Yike” Sundelin, who will fill in the jungle role.

KOI, on the other hand, will keep Rogue’s roster except for Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, who is said to be joining Excel. When it comes to Vitality, however, the team reportedly acquired Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík and Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, alongside Chinese jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo and T1 Challengers’ top laner Kyeong “Photon” Gyu-tae.

The 2023 LEC season will kick off sometime in January with the inauguration of the 2023 LEC Winter Season, which will be the first of the three splits in the revamped format.

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