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Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses looking dominant



With the imminent start of the quarterfinals of the LCS lock-in phase, we thought it made prudent sense to have a quick look at how the first few matches of the new split have transpired, and the impact that may have as we move towards the spring season.

There are strong storylines and narratives across both groups.

LCS 2022 Lock-in Week 2


Cloud9 dominance continues in Group A

For the sake of structure, we will start with Group A, where Cloud9 have brought back some of their best form from the early part of this decade. They have started with three straight wins to guarantee themselves a spot in the quarters.

Zven has started with aplomb, with averages of 5.67 kills, 1.67 deaths and 8.67 assists per map at a KDA of 8.6. He will have a huge presence in the bottom lane when the spring split eventually picks up speed. Other strong performances in the team include jungler Blaber, who has managed 3.33 kills, 1 death and 11 assists per map at a KDA of 14.33, and mid laner Fudge, with returns of 5.33 kills, 1.67 deaths, 9 assists at a KDA of 8.6 and a creep score of 305.33.

100 Thieves, who will face Cloud9 in the final group stage fixture on Friday night, had begun with two straight wins before losing their previous fixture. They are currently third in Group A. It will be interesting to see of 100 Thieves can maintain their proficiency from the summer split of 2021, especially after going on to have a fantastic postseason.

Both Closer and FBI have started in sprightly offensive form, combining for close to 10 kills per map. Closer has a kill participation rate of 11.67 so far. With 1 death on average per map, that figure of 11.67 is also his KDA.

Golden Guardians are currently at the bottom of the group with three straight losses. It must be noted, however, that they are fielding their Academy roster because of multiple Covid-19 related issues in their team.

Evil Geniuses to dominate Group B

Over in Group B, Evil Geniuses have started with three wins in three matches to lead the group. Top laner Impact has been in absolutely sensational kill participation rhythm with averages of 5.67 kills, 2.33 deaths and 8 assists at a KDA of 5.86. Those are surely atypical results as you wouldn’t expect a top laner to maintain those numbers for much longer.

Team Liquid have stayed true to their method of operation of staying patient in the lanes. They are presently second in Group B with a 2-1 record. However, not even one player has averaged more than three kills per map, an indicator that their overall output comes from a range of avenues without a reliance on either their mid or bot laner.

Immortals are currently bottom after losing all three of their matches while Dignitas (1-1) and Golden Guardians (1-2) are fighting to finish third in the group.

The early signs point to Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, as TSM are also fielding a depleted roster. With Bjergsen back, don’t discount Liquid too early either. The lock-in has provided an interesting dynamic, but we can’t wait for the return of the traditional Spring Split, which is scheduled to start in the first week of February.

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DRX addresses League roster rumors circulating on social media



Every League of Legends fans knows that DRX had a magical run to 2022 League of Legends World Championship, but this current offseason has been anything but for the defending Summoner’s Cup winners. For example, the organization recently had to release a statement addressing some rumors that recently began to circulate on social media about their 2022 lineup.

Over the past day, speculation swirled around the organization as supporters wondered what the new roster would be for the following year, including popular Korean mid laner Doinb. The 25-year-old veteran revealed on his stream that DRX supposedly tried to sign superstar jungler Kanavi as an incentive for breakout midlane star Zeka to re-sign with the organization.

When DRX wasn’t able to secure Kanavi’s services for next year, Zeka decided to test free agency. In response, the organization released a statement and reassured the fans that they “made it a priority to renew the contracts with the five existing players.” They also said that they never suggested an outside player to the current roster when negotiating conditions.

When the global offseason period began, all of DRX’s players entered free agency as their contracts ended after Worlds, and multiple pieces of the team began to sign with different organizations. Superstar AD carry Deft signed with DWG KIA, while Kingen and Zeka signed with Hanwha Life Esports.

It was a disappointing end for many fans who thought this Cinderella squad could continue their run together as a fan favorite in 2023. With three of the five player from the 2022 roster departing, DRX will need to rebuild itself once more as they hunt for the magic they managed to capture in a bottle this past October.

If DRX cannot reach the pinnacle of League again, they can still be proud to have one of the greatest runs in the esport’s history under their belt.

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Ramattra’s gameplay revealed in Overwatch 2 trailer



A new tank is heading to Overwatch 2 alongside the upcoming season planned for Dec. 6, and his abilities look scary. Ramattra’s gameplay was revealed in a video trailer earlier today, showing his weapon and abilities.

The video shows a shield ability similar to Sigma’s, as well as abilities revolving around form-changing. Similarly to Bastion, Ramattra can temporarily transform to focus on either shielding himself or dealing damage to the enemies. Overall, he looks like a versatile addition to the tank’s roster.

Here is what we learned in Ramattra’s gameplay reveal video in Overwatch 2.

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Ramattra’s gameplay in Overwatch 2

The gameplay shown in the video trailer wasn’t entirely new, since the upcoming hero’s abilities previously leaked through PR documents.

It has confirmed that information, however, and showed how they will look like in game, including more details on their range and other details on how to use his abilities.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

First, Ramattra is now confirmed to be a shield tank. His primary fire is similar to Sigma’s: you can fire streams of projectiles using left click, and generate a shield with right click. It doesn’t look like it can move once put up, however.

His alternate mode is called Nemesis and it lasts around eight seconds. It reduces damage taken, but only from the front side, and it reduces the movement speed. It can be used when Ramattra is receiving heavy damage from an ultimate or when he has low HP.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Additionally, Ramattra has some utility in the form of the Vortex of Gluttony, which generates a large circle where enemies are pulled to the ground, which makes it highly effective against every hero who can fly or jump high.

His ultimate, called Destruction, is pretty straightforward: it switches Ramattra’s form to Nemesis and deals damage all around him for a short while. Its effect can last longer, however, if the hero is dealing damage to enemies.

Based on those abilities, Ramattra seems to be a strong counter to heroes who are dominating the meta. There are a lot of jumping characters, such as Sojourn and Baptiste, who are particularly strong in Overwatch 2‘s first season. Overall, the upcoming hero could be a strong addition to the game’s roster of tanks, due to a large versatility.

More information on Ramattra are likely to be revealed in the coming week. The hero will release on Overwatch 2‘s second saison, which is set to release on Dec. 6.

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‘I’ve got less than a million’: Sneyking reveals the math behind winning Dota 2’s TI11



Winning The International is the ultimate dream of many Dota 2 fans, regardless of their skill level. Fans generally divide the prize money by five to guesstimate players’ earnings from the event, but Sneyking recently shared that the calculations had more than five variables after a viewer asked how much he received from winning TI11 with Tundra Esports on stream.

“I won’t say the exact figure,” Sneyking said. “I received less than a million dollars. TI win looks nice, but on paper, there’s so many fees and taxes, and you don’t end up with that much.”

Though Sneyking didn’t disclose how the TI pie was cut between all parties involved, community members came up with assumptions of how much the players may have gone home with after winning the most prestigious Dota 2 event of each year.

In an ideal scenario with zero liabilities, each member of Tundra would take $1.7 million off their combined winnings. With Tundra potentially taking 10 percent, federal taxes costing almost 39 percent, Sneyking’s earnings would already drop to $930,000 without taking state taxes into account.

This isn’t the first time a TI-winner shed light on the math of lifting the Aegis, however. Two years after winning TI3, Alliance’s AdmiralBulldog mentioned on a stream that he only made about $100,000 after organization cuts and Swedish taxes out of Alliance’s $1.4 million TI3 cheque.

While there will always be additional costs and taxes to pay after winning TI, Tundra also won one of the least lucrative iterations of the event in recent years. Ever since TI4 in 2014, the event’s prize pool has been increasing substantially every year, topping at $40 million in 2021.

In a surprising turn of events, Valve followed a different route with the battle pass while rolling out mediocre content that made fans think twice before purchasing the battle pass. Considering it was also released only a month before the tournament, there was so little time to fund TI11 compared to previous years, hence its lower prize pool of $18 million.

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