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Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3



Tuning into the South American scene, we have the Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3 running its course on January 25. South American teams don’t generally have the biggest fan base outside of the content, let alone a non-Valve sponsored tournament.

Yet, there are notable teams worth mentioning, and some interesting matches ahead of us. Infinity are the talk of the town after they dominated Division 2 of the South American DPC Tour 1. It’s time to match them up against other Division 1 teams and see where they stand.

Claro Gaming APU League S3

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Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3 Tournament Format and Teams

The Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3 features a complete group stage and playoffs bracket. Eight teams are distributed into two groups of four teams in a GSL-style format, where matches are best-of-three. The top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs, where it’s double-elimination best-of-three format, except for the best-of-five grand finals.

Notable teams that played in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) include: Infinity, Balrogs, Hokori, Omega Gaming, SG esports, and Fusion Gaming. The qualifier winners to fill the rest of the competition are Los Amayitos and Dreamers Esports.

Among these DPC participants, Infinity and Balrogs particularly stood out as they were the top seeds in the Division 2 bracket. On the contrary, Fusion Gaming, formerly known as Unknown Team, has been sloppy as they end Division 2 with last place, and demotion into open qualifiers next DPC2021-22 Tour. Hokori and SG esports are the only Division 1 participants, but at sixth and eighth (last) place respectively, they have nothing to brag about.

I’ve found three upcoming matches with good odds for Dota 2 betting.

Infinity vs Fusion Gaming

Now, here’s an example of a blatantly one-sided match. Fusion Gaming has been disappointing after placing last in Division 2 DPC2021-22. Couple this with the fact that Infinity is absurdly strong right now, which for the record, didn’t lose a match in DPC2021-22. Fans were quick to point out that Fusion Gaming’s drafts were lacklustre and didn’t fit the current meta. Late game drafts aren’t reliable these days due to how mid-game combos often snowball successfully.

The power gap between these teams is also reflected in the odds, where Infinity has x1.08 versus Fusion Gaming at x5.74 returns. I fully expect Infinity to go undefeated in their entire group.

SG esports vs Omega Gaming

SG esports and Omega meet up right after both matches won their opening duels.

SG earned themselves a notorious reputation for being a one-trick pony. While they have the right idea to play the fast-paced midgame, the execution was poor and easily countered. Yet, the strategy seemed to work against Hokori yesterday, and they might try to pull out the same strats vs Omega today.

Omega Gaming isn’t entering this match with many disadvantages. They have decent drafting potential, and dont just roll over and take an L. This was clearly evident in how they prolonged their match with Los Amayitos and ultimately won.

The Dota 2 odds are in favor SG Esports at x1.4 versus Omega at x2.59 returns. There is a solid chance Omega upsets in this series, so dont be afraid to put a mid sized singles bet on them.

Balrogs vs Dreamers Esports

Once again, Balrogs is depicted as the favorites heading into the Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3. However, Dreamers Esports is a relatively new team, and there’s no telling what Dreamers have up their sleeves. Even so, Balrogs isn’t the top seeds in Division 2 for nothing. They haven’t dropped a match in Division 2, besides their loss to Infinity. On paper, Balrogs specializes in pulling off unorthodox drafts, which work well most of the time.

Much like Infinity’s case as the prominent tea, Dreamers Esports will have a tough time opposing the top seeds of DPC2021-22. As such, Balrogs has x1.23 versus Dreamers Esports at x3.48 odds.

The opening matches at Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3 will give us a glimpse into what the participants are capable of. As teams conclude their run at DPC2021-22 Tour 1, Infinity set their sights on the Tour 2 and proving they are a S-tier team in South America.

Today’s odds are courtsey of GG.BET, who offer exclusive odds covering the Claro Gaming Apu League Season 3.

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Street Fighter 6 hits fans with three new characters, official release date



Street Fighter 6 just gets more hype with every new reveal. And Capcom brought the heat to The Game Awards this year—dropping a first look at one returning fighter, three newcomers, and confirming a June 2 release date

Dee Jay got a fresh new look and is ready to jam out to a new generation in his first appearance since Super Street Fighter IV

As for the rest of the trailer, players got a look at three new characters: the elegant Manon, powerful Marisa, and the totally not evil M. Bison replacement JP. All three bring new elements to the franchise, either with how they fight, unique moves, or spinning previous ideas into fresh takes—something that has been shown across the entire SF6 lineup. 

And, while it wasn’t shown in the trailer, pre-order listings for the game have confirmed that SF6 will have a DLC Character Pass with four additional characters set to join the fight within the first year post-release (give or take). 

The rest of the trailer spends some time in the World Tour mode, showing the player character dancing with Dee Jay, meeting the other characters, and playing in some extremely varied minigames such as karate chopping bottles and maybe even cooking? 

There is also a tag mechanic players will be able to use in some capacity, with the player bringing Ryu onto the screen to help fight off some goons in a multi-NPC battle. This is probably just one of those added pieces for the World Tour and maybe custom modes, but it is still an intricate thing to include along with everything else. 

You can expect this to be one of the Summer’s biggest hits, with tournament organizers chomping at the bit to see what comes next.

Now, to prep for that upcoming second SF6 closed beta test

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Together again: Doublelift, Bjergsen reunite in new-look 100 Thieves roster for 2023 LCS season



One of the greatest duos in North American League of Legends history is back.

Legendary mid laner Bjergsen has reunited with superstar AD carry Doublelift on 100 Thieves’ starting roster for the upcoming competitive year, marking the third time that these two icons will have joined forces in their storied careers.

Both stars are coming together after spending the last two years on opposite sides of the scene. Doublelift stepped away from professional play for two years and focused on his streaming career, while Bjergsen stayed as a coach for TSM and later on became a member of Team Liquid’s unsuccessful attempt at a superteam in 2022.

The last time Doublelift and Bjergsen played together was in 2020 when they were joined by Spica, Biofrost, and Broken Blade on a roster that struggled to find consistency during the Summer Split but managed to string together an incredible run that led to the team’s seventh LCS trophy. This triumph was short-lived, however, when TSM ended on the wrong side of history.

At the 2020 World Championship, TSM failed to win a single game during the group stage, making them the first pool one team in the history of the tournament to go winless. This colossal failure led to sweeping changes in the organization from the roster to coaching staff, with Doublelift effectively retiring and Bjergsen switching to head coach duties for 2021.

This year, Bjergsen and Liquid attempted to build a new superteam with Bwipo, Hans sama, CoreJJ, and Santorin, but they couldn’t find the right synergy to make the powerful roster work. This lineup never made the finals in either split and missed Worlds entirely, leading to a fresh start this offseason.

Doublelift and Bjergsen mark a new beginning for 100 Thieves after the organization stuck with the same roster for three seasons in a row.

The lineup—featuring a core of Closer, FBI, Ssumday, Abbedagge, and Huhi—always maintained their place as a top-three squad but only found success in 2021. Since then, they always came up short when the playoffs rolled around, and after another early exit at Worlds, the management decided to shake things up for the new year.

These two legends will be joined by multiple rookies, including Tenacity and Busio, who have been in 100T’s development system since 2020.

The only remaining player from the org’s old roster is Closer, who has established himself as one of the best junglers in the region.

100 Thieves 2023 LCS roster

  • Tenacity
  • Closer
  • Bjergsen
  • Doublelift
  • Busio

The heist is back on and this new set of Thieves is ready to play in 2023.

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New Apex character leaks have players going Ballistic



Another day, another leak in Apex Legends.

The pattern isn’t new, but it is usually exciting for players looking forward to new content. And today brought great news for players, as a couple of popular leakers and insiders combined to bring new information for a new legend that was first mentioned in the huge character leak that occurred prior to season 13 of Apex.

The character in question was called Caliber, although he seems to be going by a different name now. Data miner HYPERMYST first shared an image to Twitter of a banner featuring a legend that doesn’t look like they’re in the game yet.

The image is washed out and the character model might not even be fully textured in this image, but the banner appears to show a figure in a long coat with some sort of attachment peeking out above their shoulder.

Apex insider ThordanSmash soon chimed in both on Twitter and Reddit, revealing this character is most likely Caliber, a support legend originally found in the season 12 leaks.

In those leaks, Caliber was a character that focused on keeping his Apex squad fully stocked on weapons and ammo, featuring a passive that allowed him to carry three weapons instead of two, an auto-turret tactical ability, and an ammo box ultimate that feeds ammo directly into his squad’s weapons.

According to Thordan, however, there’s at least one new ability for the impending Apex character, and a new name to go with them too: Ballistic.

The new tactical ability, which Thordan also referenced in other posts, appears to be some sort of skill shot that can force enemies to holster their weapons if hit by it. The way the ability is framed by Thordan feels akin to Ana’s sleep dart in Overwatch, although it most likely has a much faster travel time if it’s firing a bullet as compared to a dart projectile.

While these are the first significant leaks for the next new character to hit Apex, it’s unclear if that character will arrive next season, or afterward. While the game has consistently introduced a new legend with every season update in the game’s history, leaks and rumors previously indicated that season 16 would have no new legend.

Thordan even went as far as to say he still thinks the new character won’t be in Apex season 16 on Reddit soon after his Twitter leaks, but that that’s always subject to change and the devs could change their mind on that plan.

Either way, there’s clearly a new legend just around the corner for Apex. And it seems like he’s going to bring a lot of firepower into the Outlands with him.

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