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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Radically Transforming Creativity in Business



Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Amid rapidly changing technology, many people still associate artificial intelligence (AI) with science-fiction dystopias. But in reality, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. We now rely on search-engine algorithms and digital assistants like Alexa and Siri for almost everything, including ordering a taxi or finding out how many calories there are in a 10-inch Margherita pizza. The potential of this technology goes beyond its household use. AI is making great strides in the business world, and creativity may be its ultimate moonshot. About 200 years ago, scientists believed that machines could not create anything new; they could only follow set instructions to perform tasks. But recently, we’ve seen AI creating original paintings, music and poetry. 

Of course, artificial intelligence has advanced to a point where it can autonomously generate ideas, concepts or rough drafts. But having this ability doesn’t imply that artificial intelligence can replace human creativity. It’s not that sophisticated yet. Instead, it serves as a tool humans can utilize to augment their creative ability. So a combination of both elements is necessary to maximize creative output in every field.

We’ve mentioned how artists are using AI algorithms to create poetry and paintings. But what about business executives? How are they using this technology to find innovative solutions and create opportunities out of problems? AI is proving to be a revolutionary tool across every industry, transforming the way employees and customers interact with businesses and carry out daily operations. AI’s adoption in the business domain increased by 270% in the past four years, and we can only expect more widespread adoption in the coming years.

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Let’s take a closer look at how AI is radically transforming creativity in business.


With the future of work trending towards digital and remote, HR managers are overwhelmed with tons of resumes and applications. Thanks to advanced AI algorithms, they no longer have to spend endless hours identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. This intelligent software filters resumes and job applications to find candidates worthy of an interview. Depending on the number of applications a company handles, AI can shave hours or even days off the hiring process.

Another remarkable benefit of implementing a more intelligent, data-driven process is the tendency to eliminate hiring discrimination based on implicit biases. Prejudice is a human trait, but machines are impartial. With such biases out of the way, recruiters and hiring managers can access candidates fairly and make more rewarding hiring decisions.


Today’s marketers are tirelessly seeking new ways to attract and engage potential customers. But in the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital-marketing landscape, getting a steady stream of new clients can be pretty challenging. The key to achieving maximum marketing success now depends on marketers’ ability to deliver highly personalized, relevant buying experiences. And that’s where artificial intelligence comes in.

The adoption of artificial intelligence in digital marketing enables marketers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their target audiences. How do they achieve this? Well, consider the fact that machines can quickly identify patterns such as past buying history, buying preferences, credit scores and other common threads.

The insights gathered through this process helps marketers plan and implement creative marketing strategies with a higher degree of precision.

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Research and analytics

Thanks to artificial intelligence, businesses now take customer experience to the next level through customer insights. With people spending more time on their smartphones, data collection through mobile-friendly surveys seems to be the most efficient means of research. But there’s another challenge with this research method: How do you match people to the right surveys at the right time? Well, AI takes care of that for you.

Using ML-trained recommendation models, market research can personalize market surveys more efficiently by presenting the relevant questions when the audience is most available and receptive. After gathering insight, what’s next? You’ll find that not every response from a multitude of submissions will be important to the campaign. Once again, AI handles this problem. It can analyze vast data way more efficiently than any human. And while doing so, it filters responses that don’t suit the research requirements.

Customer relations and customer service

Today’s buyers have gotten used to interacting with chatbots. And why wouldn’t they? Chatbots are good at mimicking the way humans have conversations via voice commands and text chats. Even though this tech isn’t perfect in solving customers’ dilemmas, it offers an easier way to provide efficient customer service.

In many instances, companies combine AI with human creativity such that issues beyond the capacity of the bot are transferred to a human agent. What makes artificial intelligence superior in the customer-service division is its ability to target specific consumers and cater to their specific tendencies. Delivering a more personalized experience to customers encourages brand loyalty and keeps the business booming.

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An IBM study revealed that human error is the major contributing factor to 95% of cybersecurity breaches. So it”s not hard to see the immense potential of AI in cybersecurity. If harnessed correctly, AI systems can take on the task of filtering out malware or phishing links before they reach the eyes of an unsuspecting user.

Cybersecurity professionals are already using this tech to identify new types of malware and protect sensitive data for organizations. The beauty of implementing AI systems in a cybersecurity strategy is that they learn as they analyze more data, so they get better at their jobs with new experiences.

The business world is ever-changing, and customer behavior is evolving. Managing the radical transformation can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be when you’ve got AI at your beck and call. Several SMEs and startups have leveraged AI to capture market share and establish their brand.

Soon, AI in business will no longer be a luxury — it will be a necessity. Companies that don’t keep pace with consumers’ expectations will fall short and lose market share. The only way to stay relevant is to adopt the trend.


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With the first week of December under our belts, we’re not too far away from the end of the year. And that means that 2022’s venture capital story has largely been written. It’s not a single narrative; instead, this year started on a high, with momentum from the monstrous 2021 funding period persisting into the new year. From that point, we’ve seen a slowdown accelerate into what some consider a downturn.

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Startups raised lots of capital this year. Less, yes, than last year, but more than in nearly any year in recent memory. It’s still a good time to build a tech upstart.

Does that perspective feel too sunny when we hear so much doom and gloom on Twitter regarding startup prospects in a more conservative investing climate?

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Howie Mandel gets a digital twin from DeepBrain AI



Howie Mandel is stepping into the metaverse. DeepBrain AI has created a pretty realistic AI version of comedian and actor Mandel.

Deepbrain AI, based in South Korea and Palo Alto, California, calls its creation “AI Howie,” and it’s an interactive virtual human and digital twin for immersive and personalized fan experiences. AI Howie mentions VentureBeat and talks to me in the attached videos.

Unlike the “deepfakes” of Tom Cruise and other actors, the real Howie Mandel cooperated with DeepBrain AI to create the virtual human AI replica of the famous comedian, actor, host, and technology enthusiast. We used “virtual Paris” AI character at our recent MetaBeat event in San Francisco.

“I am equally thrilled, excited, and terrified to finally have the ability of showing up and doing things without going anywhere or doing anything,” said Mandel, in a statement. “Thank you, DeepBrain.”

DeepBrain AI applies deep learning technology to create hyper-realistic virtual humans through its AI Studios and the AI Human platforms. These virtual humans are digital twins of the real person, with the same appearance, voice, gestures, and subtle mannerisms. The AI Studios platform enables script-to-video software that synthesizes dynamic video content in seconds, producing the quickest and most
realistic AI-generated videos. The script-to-video editor makes it easy for customers to select a model and then make it say something based on a script. Within a minute or so the video is made.

This is a powerful communication and marketing tool for celebrities, professional athletes, news anchors, and even politicians. Before working with Howie Mandel, the DeepBrain AI team created digital twins of Premier League soccer superstar Son Heung-Min, multiple news anchors across Asia, and South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol.

Joe Murphy, business development manager for DeepBrain AI, said in an interview with VentureBeat that the virtual Howie is a conversational model that you pepper with questions. DeepBrain AI designs and develops these virtual humans for the purpose of creating digital twins (like Howie Mandel), digital people, and avatars.

It takes about four weeks of machine learning work to create a Howie Mandel digital twin.

“We create models of real people,” Murphy said. “We also have completely synthetic virtual humans. That is what we’ll call digital people. And then avatars are just the basic Roblox type of avatars. But where our technology comes in with the digital twins is we go through a deep learning process to clone the person’s voice, their mannerisms, their face, the way their eyes move, the way their lips move.”

He added, “So we create what we call the digital twin of the real person with all the uniqueness of that person. Our mission is to use this technology that we’ve developed throughout Asia and bring it to America.”

In addition to the script-to-video capabilities, the company provides fully conversational experiences with its AI Human software. The AI Human solution enables fans to interact and engage with AI Howie by simply asking questions. For example, when asked, “What was your favorite act on AGT this season?” the AI Howie model responds in real-time to support interactive, fun, and engaging fan experiences.

AI Humans are available within mobile apps, web browsers, or voice-activated kiosks.

“Our vision is to humanize digital experiences and empower creative teams to generate immersive content at scale,” said Eric Jang, DeepBrain AI CEO. “Working with Howie Mandel was a fun experience, and we are excited to see how the AI Howie collaboration will connect with his fans worldwide.”

DeepBrain AI, (formerly Moneybrain), a conversational AI startup based in Seoul, South Korea, has raised $44 million in a series B round led by Korea Development Bank at a post-money valuation of $180 million. The company started in 2016 and it has raised $54 million to date. The company has 130 employees.

The AI is being used for AI news anchors in South Korea and China at four different television networks. The networks flag that the anchor is an AI avatar so that no one gets confused.

The real Howie Mandel spent about a day shooting video with DeepBrain AI.

While multiple companies are working on virtual humans, DeepBrain AI’s avatars are hyperrealistic. One of Asia’s largest insurance companies is also using it, as is a “brand ambassador” for a soccer team.

“When we worked with Howie Mandel, we went down to his studio in Los Angeles, we provided a script, and fed our training data into our neural network,” Murphy said.

It took about a day to do a video shoot with Mandel and about three to four weeks of machine learning time on the computers to generate the first AI model.

Back in January, DeepBrain AI opened its office in Palo Alto, California, and it is talking to partners in Silicon Valley and the rest of the U.S. Over time, Murphy said that the hope is to create AI avatars in realistic 3D for the metaverse. In South Korea, kiosks are appearing in places like banks with both 2D avatars and 3D avatars.

Over time, Murphy said the avatars have gotten better at mannerisms, lip sync, and subtle gestures. The speed of real-time responses in conversations has also gotten faster. The company is talking about doing more with game companies and major brands.

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This Doggy DNA Test Ships Free for the Holidays



Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Every pet owner wants the best for their animal sidekick. They want to spend as much time as possible with them, even at the office. But being the best dog owner you can be isn’t all about just being present. It helps to understand your dog on a genotypic as well as phenotypic level. That’s one reason why doggy DNA tests have become so popular.

DNA My Dog

If you’re wondering what to get for your pooch this holiday season, look no further than the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test. If you order by December 8, you’ll get free shipping, but that date is coming up fast so don’t delay.

This simple, painless kit requires just a swab of your dog’s cheek to get a detailed report delivered in two weeks or less. That report includes a custom photo certificate of the breed breakdown found in your dog’s genetic breed composition, a percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s DNA, and a report on the dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns that your dog may be genetically predisposed to. All of that information will help you be a better friend to your dog, making smarter decisions about food, training, and healthcare.

The DNA My Dog Kit was awarded at the 2020 GHO Biotechnology Awards and user Bonnie H. writes, “I loved this experience!!! The kit came immediately with great instructions. The results came exactly when promised. When I couldn’t open the attachment with the results, I emailed my concern and got instant help! To find out his DNA has been the coolest experience!”

Lock in free shipping on a unique gift for your dog by December 8. Grab the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test on sale for 24% off $79 at just $59.99 now.

Prices subject to change.

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